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    About me

    My name is Eran Tahor, I am based in South Africa and I am a cinematographer.

    What I love most about my profession is the ongoing practice of discovering the extraordinary in what appears to be mundane reality.

    Pausing for a second look, holding the gaze and searching for an angle that best serves the story, my exploration of cinematography spans nature’s landscape to ¬†the landscape of the human face.

    I work in different genres: documentaries to commercials and all forms of long narrative. I love the experimental nature of art films and the fun of music videos.

    The process of  unpacking a great story and seeing it through from the words on a page to scanning the frame through the viewfinder is a wholesome experience for me.

    And although there is much that is changing in our industry – mostly driven by technology, our search for great stories told compellingly remains constant.